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We bring you the widest array of litigation support services on the Northshore, with dedicated, personal and professional attention.  When scheduling a deposition, we will assign a court reporter and also refer a reputable and professional paralegal service upon request.

Our unique office space is geared to help you quickly set up and focus on your business. 

We offer the following services to accommodate your legal needs:

  • Professional furnished offices
  • Conference room availability
  • Meeting room availability
  • Corporate address
  • Collection & Distribution of mail
  • Printer, fax & photo copy machine access
  • Teleconference availability
  • Wireless Internet
  • Informational Security
  • Networking meetings
  • Paralegal services
  • Refreshment Center

As the owner of LA Paralegals, LLC, I feel that we must be the best we can be-for the sake of our clients and for  our careers.  I must tell you that Dream Builders Professional Office Suites now carry weight in our professional community!  Every legal professional affiliated with my business knows about Dream Builders Network and what a great asset it has been to the legal profession and LA Paralegals, by affording us the opportunity to expand our professionalism through use of the Virtual Office.  I, as well as all the staff at LA Paralegals, have full access to conference rooms to hold business meetings, computers, printers, copiers, and fax machines to prepare and conduct business transactions.  We also have access to networking meetings where we meet and exchange information with other business professionals.  As a business owner, I am very happy to know that Dream Builders Professional Office Suites is just a phone call away. 

Thank you for filling a niche and helping to make my professional "Dream" come true!             

Sonjanita Jordan -  Freelance/Contract Paralegal

Providing Solutions to your Legal & Business Needs

Business Phone:  504-458-3412   Fax: 985-718-4736


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