Dream Builders


Dream Builders Network is a"Certified HUB Zone Business". 

A unique advantage of HUB Zone businesses is a 10% differential when biding on government contracts and the availability of sole source contracts.

We specialize in helping businesses take advantage of being a "Certified HUB Zone business

For more information on how to become HUB Zone certified, call the office to schedule a Free "Business Assessment".

What is a HUB Zone?

The HUB Zone program is designated to help small businesses in certain urban, rural, BRAC Indian reservation, and difficult development area outside the U.S. mainland-to gain access to federal procurement opportunities.  Hub Zone areas are typically areas of low median household incomes or high unemployment or both.


The HUB Zone program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities.   It provides federal contracting assistance to qualified small firms located in historically underutilized business zones or HUB Zones to increase employment opportunities, stimulate capital investment in those areas and empower communities through economic leveraging.

HUB Zone

Our headquarters is centrally located in the heart of the "HUB Zone"

  Dream Builder's "HUB Zone" Pledge

  • We promise to promote the HUB Zone program
  • We promise to increase the number of HUB Zone companies.
  • We promise to help HUB Zone certified companies maximize opportunities to earn Federal contracts.
  • We promise to contribute to the economic development of disadvantaged communities and improve quality of life.